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Tailor Making

Wild Mountain Adventure is a Bhutanese-owned adventure travel company, dedicated to providing luxury tour and travel experiences. We have been organizing different kinds of adventure activities for many years and we believe we know how to create special adventure experiences, rather than standard packages. Our unrivalled knowledge and experience of our destinations, combined with our team of passionate, dedicated and professional travel consultants will help you create great holidays for you – your friends and your families. We will be happy to assist you in providing tailor-made small group journey for individual and associations. Simply select the component that’s right for you, and tailor a tour program to fit your fancy. We take you one step deeper into Bhutan where few tourists go and explore what other miss.


Trek Duration: 05 Days

Our trip is timed for dry season [Winter Months]

The Royal Manas National Park located in the central south of Bhutan and north of Manas National Park [India] is one of the world’s few sites that offer a stupendous variety of life form and eco-system. It is one of the rarest gifts of the nature in its finest form harboring thousands of plant and animal species including many globally endangered animal species. The sought-after highly endangered Ro... Read More


Thrumshingla National Park and Sengor supports vast array of diverse bird species. The regions hills, mountains and valleys contains several different type of forest, containing mixed broadleaf, moist oak, rhododendron and dry coniferous forest of pine, cedar and fir - giving broad habitats for bird species to utilize different habitats at different times, for breeding and feeding, summering and wintering. It is also home to some of the wild animal like – snow Leopard, Tiger,... Read More

FLY-FISHING [Catch & Release]

Bhutan is a country traverse by many fast flowing streams, rivers and lakes that are consider the best kept open secrets of the kingdom. Many of these untamed rivers are originated in the eastern Himalayas and cuts down through steep and deep valleys with high rapids depending upon the season and locations. Fish and fishing in Bhutan is still in its infancy. The rivers remaining largely undiscovered and its list of different species, names and habitats are not yet clear due t... Read More


Put a twist to your Bhutan holiday by adding a pleasant one or two hour white river rafting drifting while you are in Punakha valley. The Pho Chhu [Male River] and the Mo Chhu [Female River] are two of Punakha’s wildest river which is part of our adventure trip.  During the raft you will have a great chance to admire amazing natural landscape and the beauty of the valley dotted with farmhouse and farmland, but at the same your experience will be an unforgettable adventure as ... Read More


Are you looking for a great outdoor experience in Bhutan with deluxe camping trips soaking deep into nature; with rare check-In and Check-Out. Having your own dome tent set-up with your luggage inside next to you, relaxing yourself away from the crowded city. Enjoying seeing your camp chef and camp assistance handling the tents and camp chores, seeing preparing your meals. Join us on a trip in a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere.  Bhutan is all about the great outdoors; the best... Read More


Whatever your Bhutan travel style may be, you can include a variety of the best ingredients in your itinerary to maximize your enjoyment seamlessly. Why not add a serene hike with a hot spring therapy, soaking deep into nature. There are numerous hot spring found in Bhutan and has been used by the Bhutanese people for centuries with a belief that water has miraculous healing power and medicinal properties to cure certain diseases, like arthritis, joint pain, and sinus. Winter... Read More


Bird Trek Duration: 5-7 Days

Our trip is timed for April – June and September – November

It is considered one of the best bird treks in Mongar region. The trek last for five to seven days and depending upon the season the trail offers several wildlife species and the serenity of the surrounding landscape is well worth the visit. The trail is mostly narrow and at some point only one person can pass through. The trekking trail offers many great birds including some of the... Read More

Hotel Olathang [Paro]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Beautifully located on a hilltop, a midst blue pine forest, hotel Olathang was established in 1974 to serve the invited guest for the coronation of His Majesty the 4thKing of Bhutan. Today with its close intimacy with nature, the hotel offers an ambiance of peace and tranquility. Its visually stunning ancient architectural building maintaining with modern amenities, presents our value guest with purely Bhutanese touch, feel, warmth and comfortable stay. 

Hotel Gangtay Palace [Paro]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

The historical Gangtay Palace was built around 100 years and was now converted into a heritage hotel in 1995 holding the charm and beauty of the ancient historical architecture. It is located on a small hillock with a commanding superb view of the quite Paro town and the majestic Paro Rinpung Dzong. This heritage hotel offers a unique place to stay, relax and with traditional approach of Bhutanese hospitality. 

Khangkhu Resort [Paro]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Khangkhu Resort is located 04 km away from the main town of Paro and about 02 km away from Paro international airport in a small village of Khangkhu. The hotel is situated a midst blue pine forest and pristine environment. It also offers uninterrupted majestic view of the 17th century Paro Rinchen Pung Dzong and the Ta Dzong. Khangkhu offers a unique place to stay and relax. The service offered by the well trained and professional staff are up to highest level.

Hotel Pedling [Thimphu]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Located in the heart of the main town, hotel Pedling is close to shopping outlets, restaurants and pops. It is owned by the greatly revered Buddhist Rimpoche, the Gangtey Trulku. The hotel offers well furnished comfortable deluxe and luxury rooms with choices of continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese cuisines. 

Zhingkham Resort [Punakha]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Zhingkham Resort is one of the brand new resort in Punakha. It is perched on a hillside overlooking the charming village of Changyuel, Shengana and so on. It also provide an impressive view of the historical Punakha Dzong saddled on the confluence of two rivers. It is truly a perfect place for those who want a break from their busy schedule, hustle and bustle. 

Risum Resort [Haa]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Haa valley is recently opened for international tourist very recently and Risum Resort is recently opened to catered tourist in the region. The traditional architecture and the painting in the restaurant and other common areas are quite unique and the hotel offers unique basic amenities. It is located in a unique natural environment surrounded by village and farmlands. The hotel cater good and clean accommodation with international dish including both international and Bhutanese.

Hotel Ugyenling [Bumthang]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Located in Chokhor valley, hotel Ugyenling is one of the preferred established hotel in Bumthang. The sites of the hotel showcase many historical sites of interest to explore including the historical Wangduecholing Palace. It was established in 1982 and served as the first guest house in the valley and now rebuilt in classic Bhutanese style to cater the need of discerning travelers. Comfortable and beautifully designed rooms with sitting rooms with wood burning stoves are available. 

Phayul Resort [Lhuentse]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Phayuel Resort in Lhuentse is one of the few optional resort or hotel in Lhuentse with only available 06 rooms in Autsho town and is the only place to lay out your head. The available rooms are attached with bathroom with heaters. The restaurant serves Bhutanese, Indian and continental foods with both veg and non-vegetarian food on request.

Wangchuk Resort [Mongar]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Wangchuk Resort in Mongar is one of the preferred established resort in the region. It is strategically located on a small hill slope just above the town offering mesmerizing vistas of mountain scenery, lush green valley and terrace of farmland with scattered settlements. The famed Mongar Dzong is located just 5 minute walk away from the hotel. The hotel is a great place of stay for visitors wishing to explore the valley. 

Trogon Villa [Yongkhola]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Trogon Villa in Yongkola under Mongar district is located in the midst of one of the best birding location in Bhutan. The inspirational Eco-lodge was named after the rare Ward’s Trogon, which is extremely exclusive bird residing in temperate and subtropical forest of Himalayas. The Eco-lodge is located 142 kilometer away away from Bumthang and 56 kilometer away from Mongar. The lodge provides stunning views of the beautiful rolling hills.

Tashi Gasel Lodge [Samdrup Jongkhar]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Tashi Gasel is one of the fine and perfect lodge in all of Samdrup Jongkhar amd will surely provide a comfortable stay for you while traveling through south east of Bhutan. It offers a stunning views of the surrounding areas and the landscape. It is located 5.0 kilometer north of town. The available rooms are surrounded by cool breezing balconies and terraces overlooking the town and surrounding landscape with good restaurant offering continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese food.

Hotel Pelrithang and Spa [Gelephu]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

The charming hotel Pelrithang and spa provides elegant and specious rooms with well furnished freestanding bathrooms that appeals for couple and group seeking peace and relax stay in the heart of Gelephu town.

Druk Deothjung Resort [Trashigang]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

This family owned resort in Trashigang is one of the finest resort in the region. It is located in the barren hill overlooking the valley below. It has a comfortable rooms with facilities including hot-water shower with authentic Bhutanese ambiance. The pleasant restaurant serves international cuisine including continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese dish.

Choki Farm House [Trashiyangtse]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Choki Farm House in Trashigang is one among the best place to stay in Trashiyangtse overlooking the valley and the river below. Thr rooms are well equipped with attached bathroom. The architectural design and structure of its facilities presents a purely Bhutanese touch and feel to it.

Yangkhil Resort [Trongsa]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Yangkhil Resort is one of the most revered and worth staying resort in all of Trongsa with modern designed building with traditional Bhutanese architecture. It is located on the small hill overlooking the Mangduechu river. The historical and magnificent Trongsa Dzong can be best spotted from all the rooms. The resort’s exotic natural landscape lends itself well for tourist seeking peace and relax stay.

Khenrab Inn [Tsirang]

Hotel Category : 2 Star

Khenrab Inn in remote Tsirangis one of the finest hotel in all over Tsirang. The tiny and well settled hotel provides good accommodation for international tourist including local Bhutanese guest. The locations and the site of the hotel has a stunning view of the valley. The hotel serve continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese food with buffet style. Good bar with hang around courtyard are available.

Twang Hotel [Zhemgang]

Hotel Category : 2 Star

Twang hotel in remote Zhemgang is one of the finest hotel in all over Zhemgang. The tiny and well settled hotel provides good accommodation for international tourist including local Bhutanese guest. The locations and the site of the hotel has a stunning view of the valley. The hotel serve continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese food with buffet style. Good bar with hang around courtyard are available. 

Nga Yabling Farm House [Phobjikha]

Hotel Category : 0 Star

Dragon Nest Resort [Wangdue]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Hotel Dragon’s Nest is located on the highway between Punakha and Wangdue on the bank of Punatshangchu river. It offers a superb view of the valley with swift flowing Punatshangchu river, newly built Bajo town and the impressive Wangduephodrang Dzong. It has a sense of peace and tranquility with comfortable rooms with attached bath, running hot and cold water. International cuisine including continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese dishes are well served with selection of international and local beverages. 

Bhutan Campsite

Hotel Category : 0 Star

Bhutan Camping

Hotel Category : 0 Star

Bhutan Classic Camping

Hotel Category : 0 Star

Hotel River View [Thimphu]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Located just outside of the main city, on the bank of Thimphu Chu River, hotel River View stands with a commanding view of the Thimphu town and the surrounding valley. It is one of the finest hotel in the capital with well trained professional staff and all necessary modern amenities. International, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese cuisine are well served at the restaurant with selection of international and Bhutanese beverages. 

Hotel Vara [Punakha]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Hotel Vara is locate in the small town of Lobesa under Punakha district with verdant valley and panoramic view between Punakha and Wangdue district. It offers a wonders of the surrounding valley with charming view of the Chemi Lhakhang “No Dog’s Temple”. It offers an oasis of tranquility and peaceful stay. It has a wonderful and relaxed rooms with modern amenities with Bhutanese, Indian, Chinese and continental buffet meals.

Wild Orchid [Phuntsholing]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

The Wild Orchid hotel is located in the heart of the border town. It is a newly established comfortable hotel providing first service and quality accommodation. All the hotel rooms are air conditioned and offers travelers an array of amenities.   

Peling Resort [Bumthang]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

The idyllic boutique style Peling Resort is located in peaceful picturesque countryside of Bumthang. It is only 5km away from Chamkhar town and 2km away from Bumthang airport. Visitors will not be disappointed by the legendary warm Bhutanese hospitality catered by the well trained and professional staff. The restaurant caters a wide range of palates including continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese cuisine.

Tshenden Hotel [Gelephu]

Hotel Category : 2 Star

Tshenden hotel in Gelephu is located in the main town of Gelephu. The hotel is rich with all sorts of delicious foods including both local and international veg and non-vegetarian food. The rooms are all suit with AC coast. If you are in Gelephu, Tshenden hotel is the right choice of stay in such hot climate.

Gyelsa Boutique [Thimphu]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

Gyelsa Boutique is ideally located in the heart of Thimphu town and is one of the best family-owned business and certified hotel in the capital city. It has all the available modern amenities with Bhutanese hospitality. Our value guest can enjoy the all set buffet continental, Chinese, Indian and Bhutanese meals. Rooms are well equipped with modern amenities and each rooms has got attached private bathrooms.

Gangtay Goemba Lodge [Phobjikha]

Hotel Category : 3 Star

The newly opened Gangtay Goemba Lodge nestled in Phobjikha valley is one of the modern with inspirational traditional stone Bhutanese farmhouse. The site of the hotel is perfectly set on the hill site with stunning views of the surrounding village and the only Gangtay Goemba monastery. It has heated stone floors with wooden beams with rich fabrics and a colorful plalette of warm, earthly tones feature throughout.

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