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Bhutan Camping Tour - Wild Mountain Adventure
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Bhutan Camping Tour


Bhutan Camping Tour

Are you looking for a great outdoor experience in Bhutan with deluxe camping trips soaking deep into nature? With no check,-In and Check-Out. Having your own dome tent set-up, with your luggage inside next to you, relaxing yourself away from the crowded city. enjoying seeing your camp chef and camp assistance handling the tents and camp chores, seeing preparing your meals. Join us on a trip in a relaxed, fun-filled atmosphere

Camping tour in Bhutan is guaranteed with clean and unspoiled natural environment, which lies in, mostly in its undisturbed and pristine form. Adventure lovers will be lucky because they get the chance to experience the beautiful kingdom cloths with variety of flora and fauna with lush valley to mighty mountains. Bhutan in the Himalaya is all about the great outdoors, the best way to experience this enchanting kingdom is by staying, and spending one –two nights next to the community village, glacier fed rivers, virgin mountain lakes, imposing glaciers and rich Himalayan eco-system. The camping adventure offers a certain intimacy with the environment that is seldom experienced by many. In fact, our Bhutan camping program is a journey of natural discovery with self-contemplation. The freshness of mountain breeze, the smell of spring flowers, the changing landscape of Himalayas, the sights and sounds of nature, all together brings your camping activity more than special. Wild Mountain Adventure also provided numerous hiking options, walk in to the woods or exploring village farms, there is simply too many ways you can come close with nature in Bhutan.

Experience and immerse yourself in the great outdoors in the pristine natural environment of Bhutan Wild Mountain Adventure outdoor camping does not include much day walking or trekking. Your overnight outdoor camping in Bhutan is just a few hours walk. We have been offering travelers a safe and reliable way to connect with nature. We offer various outdoor camping through diverse landscape, overnight retreat into pine-clad valleys, majestic hilltops with endless views. Our camping varies depending upon the interest of the travelers ranging from 1 night to the entire journey. Please contact Wild Mountain Adventure for further discussion and requirement./p>

Where to Sleep: The overnight camping tour allows you to stay in the heart of the most breath taking natural scenery. The camping ground we provides in various locations depending upon the scenic beauty with available water source, into the pine clad valleys, majestic hinterland or spurs with endless views, a heaven of still and scenic beauty, in the village with the local community surrounding you, nearby the temple & monastery with early morning sound and chanting of religious ceremony, near by the lakes and sometime in the most remote small rustic, wilderness with beautiful areas. Many of these campsites are located near and in the National Park.

Provides all Equipments: In our camping tour, we provided all the necessity equipments consist of a qualified camping cook, and a number of assistants. A variety of Bhutanese and international dishes are served on camp. We provide a dining tent, toilet tent dome or A-frame sleeping both (single and twin-sharing), mattress, folded tables and chairs, plates and washing bowl, hot water bags and camp lights.  We also carry a basic First Aid kit.

  • Travelers only need to bring their sleeping bags, if possible with extra inside fleece or silk liner in nice.
  • Flesh Light ( a headlamp is useful and if possible one that can hang or stand upright in the tent)

Food on Camp: On camping all meals are included. We provide both local and continental healthy foods on camp with your choice so to bring your camping adventure a enjoyable and memorable one.  Our camping cook, coordinate the shopping with fresh and healthy products from the market and prepare in the camp to give you healthy, delicious meals. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

  • Breakfast: In breakfast, we usually serve toast, juice, milk, coffee, tea, cereal, fresh fruits, fried bacon or sausage, pancakes and egg.
  • Lunch: We usually provide lunch in the local restaurant and in some case, we provide picnic lunch
  • Dinner: We serve range of freshly available meats, like grilled meat, fresh fish and chicken, fresh pork and beef, optional vegetable available. We also provide local and regional specialties.

Regarding food, if you are vegetarian, do let us know while booking.