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Bhutan River Rafts & Kayaks


Bhutan River Rafts & Kayaks

Leaving centuries in isolation the topographical landscape of Bhutan often linked to a staircase that divides the land mass by series of mountains creating series of valleys with formidable ridges and the cress-crossed fast flowing rivers separating and forming the valley creating its own eco-system. The natural environment of the country lies mostly in its undisturbed and pristine natural form with its national policy of protecting and preserving its rich biodiversity, more than 65% of the country’s geographical environment remained under forest cover. The raw and natural beauty of Bhutan’s environment has made the country so stunning and captivating for adventure travelers. The mountainous geography and deep adventurous valley with sheer variety of available river course provides plentiful of river rafting and kayaking opportunity with high currents and depths reaching a maximum of above five meters; at places with gentle flow and at other place, the river rages high and loud dominating the environment. These fast flowing glacier fed untamed rivers of Bhutan offers one-of-a-kind experience for travelers seeking water adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment. It truly provides something to all our travelers irrespective of seasons offering easy raft for the beginners and large and powerful with heave curved out narrow valley raft for high-end champions providing exciting and recreational outdoor activities.

The Classified International 06 Grade/Levels

  • Class/Grade I: Basic - Moving water with small rough areas with less obstructions (Basic skill level)
  • Class/Grade II: Medium – Little rough water with rapids, with some rocks & irregular waves. Required some maneuvering
  • Class/Grade III: Difficult - Several rapids with high irregular waves. Less danger but required considerable maneuvering
  • Class/Grade IV: Much Difficult – Numerous rapids, medium waves, rocks, with considerable drop with swift current. Required sharp maneuvering
  • Class/Grade V: Exceedingly Difficult: High irregular broken water with large waves, large volume and considerably with large rocks and hazards. Course often difficult to recognize. Required precise maneuvering
  • Class/Grade VI: Limit of Navigability – Very danger and are effectively un-navigability. Encounter huge waves, rocks & hazards with sustainable drops. Recommend only for expertise

Safety & Responsible River Rafting & Kayaking Guidelines

Wild Mountain Adventure provides well-trained white river rafting and kayaking guides ensuring the safety of our clients. Importantly most rivers of Bhutan flow through steeps and deep valleys with high rapids depending upon the seasons and locations. Therefore, it can be of a high danger for white river rafting until and unless you do not observe the basic safety precautions.

  • The rivers of Bhutan were first graded for white river rafting in the year 1997 by experts from the world at an invitation of Royal Government of Bhutan. Rafting in general in Bhutan has become safer over the years and local expertise in the sport has increased, water sport equipments has become more specialized and increased improvement in quality has been uplifted.
  • Our experienced river guides will provide you a 5-10 minute briefing before you venture off for floating. We understand you might be knowing more but we request you to consider their safety instruction because they are well acquainted with the rivers, landscape and the environment. Risk in white river rafting stem from both environmental danger and from improper behaviors. Certain features in rivers are inherently unsafe like – fallen trees, undercut rocks and high waterfall.
  • White River Rafting in Bhutan has been increasingly developing like other adventure activities both for local and for tourist alike. As applied to other adventure activities regarding the importance of environment, the Bhutanese people have always treasured their natural environment and have looked for it as source for all life.  Therefore, we encourage our clients that white river rafting balance the use of nature with the conservation of rivers as a natural resource and habitat.
  • Wild Mountain Adventure has seen or heard about the environment crises. Therefore, we look into it as personal by taking responsible steps to safeguard the fragile ecological bio-diversity by in cooperating with the municipalities and Tourism Council of Bhutan. We request our river rafting team in taking action and interest of protecting the natural world by being environmentally responsible travel to nature areas in order to enjoy and appreciate nature.
  • Wild Mountain Adventure stress to promote a positive white river rafting experience both for visitor and for local people. We take responsible steps in sustaining the well-being of the local people through generating financial benefits.