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Bhutan Hot Spring Tour - Wild Mountain Adventure
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Bhutan Hot Spring Tour


Bhutan Hot Spring Tour

An incredible tour in the serene Himalayan Mountain with hiking and hot spring therapy

Usually in Bhutan, we see less tourist giving values in discovering the naturally hot spring, though it is common among the local people. Bhutan Hot Spring Tour allows you to journey through enchanting hot spring to rugged mountain wilderness. It allows you to explore the hidden treasures of the kingdom in the great countryside with scenic and beautiful hiking trails through the forest.  Come and admire the natural splendor, dip into the pristine hot springs and explore the naturally setup region with adorable village walk.

There are numerous hot spring found in Bhutan and has been used by the Bhutanese people for centuries with a belief that water has miraculous healing power and medicinal properties to cure certain diseases, like arthritis, joint pain, and sinus. Winter months are the best months for the Bhutanese people to visit the well-known hot spring located in different region depending upon their belief and sickness.

  • Gasa Tshachu Hot Spring located in the western Bhutan, is the most popular and desired one. It can be reached either by going on trek (Laya Gasa Trek -14 days on trek)), or via road up from Punakha province with a day walk from Damje (6 hrs walk). It takes you through beautiful hills of pine and oak forest. The journey also takes you through small settlements around, bamboo forests and small streams. On reaching one of the pass you will get a glimpse of Gasa Dzong(fortress) seated below the snowcapped mountain. (1-2 days camp)
  • Chubu Tshachu Hot Spring in Punakha, is also one of the well known hot spring in Bhutan. It is located further uphill from the Pho Chu riverbank. Your journey through the mountainous north entering the world of green forest, with beautiful settlement around and mountaintop temples, gives you a nonstop excitement and experience.
  • Dur Tshachu Hot Spring in the village of Dur under Bumthang district is one among the finest hot spring in the central region. This hot spring has medical values and people believe that it cures body aches.

Besides, the above mentioned hot spring, there are traditional hot stone bath which is of heating up stones and then soaking in the water that is in turn heated by the stones. This creative hot stone bath method is commonly used in Bhutan and even some hotel and farmhouse provides this practice at an advance notice of day earlier.