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Bhutan Hiking Tour


Bhutan Hiking Tour

Wedged between China and India, Bhutan’s terrain ranges from sub-tropical foothills in the south, through the temperate zones, to dizzying heights of over 7500 meters. The kingdom has been described as a natural paradise. Topographically ascending from the south to the north, the land has been linked to a staircase! Climbing from the plain of sub-tropical foothill that lies at a lowly 250m the Himalayan peak in the north that are high as 7000m the country’s landmass has been divided by a series of mountain range creating series of formidable valleys. Bhutan offers wide array of day hiking from a short 1 hours hike to 5 hours day walk. Day hiking in Bhutan is a unique experience unlike many of the crowded hike offers in Asia. Almost all the hike offers a combination of natural discovery and an insight into the country’s delicate and unique life. Hiking in Bhutan also offer a majestic view of the Himalayan peaks and stunning landscape, that provides a sense of awe and wonder  and a point of contemplation for hikers along the way. There are optional moderate and hard day hiking activities depending upon the interest and need of the travelers.

Clothing and Gear for Hiking: Depending on the season and the trip duration, hikes in Bhutan required limited gear. Shoulder only a small backpack as a “daypack” with the items you need during the day’s walk or hike to carry needed essential items like water, a thin warm jacket, rainproof and a camera gear like - camera, film, memory cards, accessories, polarizing filters, spare batteries, tripod etc. A long and sleeve lightweight and loose fitting travel shirts or hiking shirts with lightweight quick dry long comfortable paints and lightweight hiking boots fit for walking in the swampy areas are important while hiking. A full covering sun hats, sun glass and hand cream, snacks, insect repellent, and hiking sticks (collapsible preferred) are essential to bring. A professional hiking tour executive will accompany throughout your tour.

Sustainable Hiking Guidelines: The importance of respecting, preserving and not polluting the environment wherever we go cannot ignored. Be aware of the need and place for conservation while minimizing your harmful impacts on the local communities and the environment. With your cooperation, we can together really make it happen. Here are few good things how we can help minimize the negative impacts.

  • Follow the instruction of our local guide regarding appropriate conducts for hiking, visiting village and historical sites.
  • Carry the empty plastic, packets, canes and other candy cover in your bags or paint pocket. Do not litter around. You can get rid of the empty packets when you reach your destination or throw where the disposal facilities available en-route.
  • If you are smoker be careful with your cigarette butts, as this is the cause of many unintended forest fire.
  • Make sure you ask permission before taking a photograph, especially if you are taking portraits of people.
  • Always strict to the established hiking trails while hiking.
  • Do not touch the animals or feed them. Do not be tempted in buying dead animal product like bones, teethes and skins. It is illegal in Bhutan
  • Be aware, not to disturbed the vegetation by make noise and screaming in the forest, most of the wild animals do not tolerate the inevitable noise.
  • Do not uproot the plants or trees or cut down the branch. Let the plants and trees remain as it is.