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Bhutan Family Holiday - Wild Mountain Adventure
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Bhutan Family Holiday


Bhutan Family Holiday

Bhutan, the tiny kingdom in the Himalaya appeals to all type of family travel and it is a perfect destination to celebrate your family vacation. Our authentic family tours are designed to favor a real life experiences travelling together with your own children in a fun loving environment. You will find cultural, historical and natural attractions galore along with fun activities like mountain biking, river rafting, enjoy a local game of archery and khuru (darts). Children will also get an opportunity to visit the local school and attend a class for an hour or two. There is no need to worry about your safety and comfort, we have led thousands of trips for other families and with our expert local guide and drive, their profession with personal experience will help create a memorable activities and interpretation of local cultures and ecosystems for both children and adults to learn and enjoy.

What to Expect: Our Bhutan Family Tour is exciting and eye opening family vacation. All our guided tours are designed to introduce you and familiarizing you to Bhutan’s charms and are designed to spark a passion, inspire a sense of wonders and enrich understanding about the local people and learn about their culture, history, and traditions. We also offer endless adventure activities like river rafting, kayaking, hill tribe village excursion, local hot stone bath therapy, mountain biking, opportunity to meet with like-minded local family, buffet meals or menus with kid-friendly picky palates, choices accommodation to suit your need ensuring that our effort adds up to a refreshing adventure away from your home and regular routines. While the detail of each escorted tour program vary depending upon the group size and the trip duration.

Age Restriction for Family Tour: As long as you are travelling with your kids and children under the age of 18 years, you are always family in our eye. You can also include your uncle, aunty and cousins who would like to join or come along with you). Importantly, while on tour, there may be some age restrictions in our included or optional day activities, such as river rafting, kayaking and mountain biking etc.

Benefits of Traveling with your Kids: The benefits of traveling or taking your children on a trip far away from home in an exotic destination can be of fun and touchy moments. With selected accommodation that provides a comfortable oasis, quality food, pristine landscape with dramatic backdrops of snow clad Himalayan peaks, glacier fed rivers gushing down through the valley edge, rich and abundant flora and fauna, warm and friendly local people and their genuine hospitality provides a different perspective and ultimate travel experience together creating amazing memories of truly travel tale.

Care & Safety of your Kids: We care deeply about your children, just as you do. When you travel with us, we ensure that your family holiday vacation is everything you dreamed. Wild Mountain Adventure presents an extensive menu of tour packages with choices accommodation to fit your need and interest.

Optional Program at extra Cost: Along with the cultural, historical and religious experiences, Wild Mountain Adventure offers range of other optional activities offering a magical feel of the Himalayan fairy tale land.

  • On-Road Mountain Biking
  • White River Rafting
  • One hour cultural program on your farewell night