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Bhutan Textile Tour


Bhutan Textile Tour

The textile in Bhutan is an integral part of Bhutanese life and culture. In the Bhutanese context, the textile production is in more a part than an industry. It has been a centuries old traditions and it is deeply embedded in the cultural values system being practiced by most of the families mostly in the central and eastern part of Bhutan to achieve sustain their family and their means of earning livelihood. Still today, from the economical point of view, Bhutan textile production has been a thriving business by virtue of its finest quality materials and its unique design and patterns.

The profound knowledge and skills of creating textile weaving has been passed down through generations and has been considered by the Bhutanese people as the highest form of art and their spiritual formations.  Geographically, the women’s in eastern Bhutan are considered skilled at weaving and most of the high quality and expensive are patterned and woven by them. The Bhutanese textiles are woven mainly from cotton, raw cotton and silk with intricate motif woven into the cloth.

Among the various textile productions in the country, some of the highly prized textile weaver comes from Kurtoe region under Lhuentse district, and the exquisite Kishuthara, famed and treasured as women’s kira all over the country, comes from Khoma village in Lhuentse.  The women especially in the eastern Bhutan the winter months are often solely dedicated to the weaving of textiles.

Region wise textile production in Bhutan

  • Lhuentse: Khoma Village is one of the finest production of kishuthara
  • Radhi & Bidung Village is known for bura, such as Mentsi Matha and Aikapur
  • Bumthang: Is known for Bumtha Mathra and Yathra(both are woven out of yak hair and sheep wool)
  • Wangdue: The Adang  Village is known for Adang Mathra, Adang Rachu, and Adang Khamar
  • Trongsa: The village of Nanji and karphu, is known for nettle fibers

Weaving is also a vocational among the highlander, like Layaps, Merak Sakten and in the south like Doyaps.

Types of Looms used for weaving

  • Blackstrap Loom
  • Horizontal Fixed Loom
  • Horizontal Frame Loom
  • Card Loom

The commonly used loom in Bhutan is blackstrap loom, which is well known and seen throughout the household in the eastern Bhutan. The horizontal frame looms and card loom, is usually the Tibetan designed and brought to Bhutan and less used today.