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Bhutan Hiking Tours are such few trips that can capture the essence of its natural and cultural beauty in such detail.  All our day hiking itineraries have been chosen either for their exceptional natural beauty or cultural authenticity. From west to east crossing central valleys, hiking through this kingdom of raw natural beauty is rewarding and stunning experience.  Our each hike is a unique experience of discovery and rewards you with superb view of the distinct Himalayan range, with breathtaking vistas, pristine forest, dramatic landscape, mountain top temple surrounded by colorful prayer flags and picturesque valley. The remarkably unblemished cultural heritage and vibrant age old traditions are some of the unique highlights and true charm of Bhutan to unearth an amazing array of personal experiences.

Day hiking in Bhutan can be physically challenging, and our passionate, dedicated and experience guide will determine knowledgeable advice, which day hiking best fits you and tailor to your interest. They have up-to-date information on where and when to go, whether a few hours or a full day.  Optional alternative will be provided for those with physical limitations and who do not wish to partake in hiking activities.

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While making your lifetime adventure booking, always make sure that your holiday is safe and with Wild Mountain Adventure, we can proudly guarantee the financial satisfactions, safety of your holiday with quality tours and service, and our operational are 100% done by ourselves without using any third party operations. Equally important is the financial protections, the company has been bound with jointly account between Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Bhutan National Bank Ltd (BNBL).

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