Bhutan Cultural Trek

Bhutan cultural trek is generally short, easy and enjoyable journey. It takes trekkers through the countryside with easy trails, comfortable climate and easy access to meet the local people and learn about their culture, history and traditions. It is to a great degree it provides an awe-inspiring scenery and witness a near unique experience of preserved culture, heritage and religion rarely seen anywhere else in the world. Many of the trekking trail also takes you through dramatic vistas letting you experience the rich flora and fauna, amazing natural landscape, breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountain peaks that provide a sense of awe and wonder and a point of contemplation for trekkers along the way. As you traverse through outlying village and settlement you will find cultural, historic and natural attraction galore along with excellent mountain top temples and monasteries that are some of the visible distinctive features of the kingdom and stands out as important living historical architecture.

If you are here in the right time, you will also get an opportunity to participate in the vibrant spiritual celebration known as Tshechu (festival). It is a spectacle social occasion with ancient mythical performance. During this grand religious events, it is believed that everyone must attend and the entire community comes together to witness the religious mask dances, receive spiritual blessing and socialize.  With so many exciting and interesting product rang, our cultural trek allows you to explore and immerse yourself with all your senses in a destination rich with culturally fascinating.

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