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Butterfly Photography Tour in the fable land of Bhutan is typically more of relax pace trip, as each day at a sites is likely to make you capture and bring different suits of a butterfly’s beauty. Bhutan has many fable sites for best and colorful butterflies in the Himalayas. It has been possible because of its geographical location and the diverse climatic conditions. The kingdom boasts more than 800 – 900 species of butterflies and more than 28 species of butterfly’s endemic to eastern Himalayas have chosen Bhutan to be their home. Among many endemic species few such butterfly like ‘Bhutan Glory’ and ‘Kaiser-I-Hind has the international protection from the Conservation to which Bhutan is signatory. Many of the common butterfly species extend over its large oriental regions, while others are limited not just to a range but to a specific habitat. Some butterfly species fly over 5000m and other species prefer adopting the tropical jungles of broad-leaf evergreens, interspersed with fertile terraced cultivation. Your journey through Bhutan in search of authentic and beautiful butterfly species will be a live changing memory. We have lived for years in close contact with its rich avifauna and we can help you explore knowledge base photo discussion on some of the rare phenomenon found in Bhutan.

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