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Botanical Photography Tour is more of seeing and photographing wild flowers of Bhutan in their native habitat. It is always exciting and Bhutan is a land of boundless and beautiful forest filled with dazzling tropical blooms to delicate alpine flowers. The natural forest and valleys holds the best of the great variety of flowers, which the eastern Himalaya is famous for. These variety of abundant wild flowers has been possible because of its forest cover that is intact and the great altitudinal and climatic range of its location. You will capture incredible amount of diverse wild flowers as you journey through rich forest of Bhutan. The country boasts more than 46 different species of rhododendrons and variety of rare orchids, magnolias, daphne and blue poppy, etc. You will capture incredible amount of diverse wild flowers as you join any of our Botanical Photo Safari Tours. We also offer holidays with a wider theme in seeing the birds, wild animals and other aspects of cultural and historical sites. Explore Bhutan with Wild Mountain Adventure, seeing the pleasant sights of the wild and domestic flowers in abundance, appreciating seeing wide array of its natural plants with blossom flowers.

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While making your lifetime adventure booking, always make sure that your holiday is safe and with Wild Mountain Adventure, we can proudly guarantee the financial satisfactions, safety of your holiday with quality tours and service, and our operational are 100% done by ourselves without using any third party operations. Equally important is the financial protections, the company has been bound with jointly account between Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Bhutan National Bank Ltd (BNBL).

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