Welcome to Bhutan.

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Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR)

Bhutan overshadowed and nestled between India and China Tibet, is a little secret of Asia and a conservation jewels in the Himalayas. Its endless tracts of Himalayan forest are blessed with abundance of flora and fauna and are one of the most biologically diverse regions of the world. The Buddhist philosophy of reverence and respect for all things nature has resulted in a healthy environment where wildlife and nature flourished.

Responsible Tourism

Tourism sector in Bhutan is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations, and Bhutan enjoys an image of authenticity, remoteness and well-protected cultural heritage and natural environment.  There

Community Based Tourism

Community – Based Tourism, is a passion driven project of Wild Mountain Adventure aiming at giving maximum return to the community and at the same time to ensure no carbon footprint is left in its surrounding e

Our Environment Policy

Our Commitment

As part of the global community, Wild Mountain Adventure is constantly working towards protecting the fragile environment and making use of its precious natural resources in an efficient, fair

Guide and Porter Welfare

Many of our Bhutan trekking trails are located somewhere in the northern parts of the country, taking you teasingly close to the snowlines. There are no roads and your luggage and camping haulage are carried by

Volunteer Program

Wild Mountain Adventure volunteer program is committed to bring forth activities involved our environment, our community, people and our business sustainability under one roof and thereon works towards achievin

Goal definition

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