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Wild Mountain Adventure “A Company You Can Trust”

Wild Mountain Adventure is a government recognized tour and travel company started in 2012 with licence no: 1027883, Licensed by Ministery of Ecoomic Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan. Wild Mountain Adventure is also an active member of the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Association of the Bhutanese Tour Operator (ABTO). The company has always been able to handle the complexities and unpredictable demand of the business with relatively ease and has successfully satisfied clients from all over the world.  It is our mission to offer you the best adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are coming for first time or a multi traveller, Wild Montain Adventure is always there to help you discover the best and to make you experience the wonders of this magical kingdom by meeting with amazing people, culture and place. As you choose any of our listed package and venture off to Bhutan with Wild Mountain Adventure, you will always experience the world in an authentic and exciting way. Note: While making your lifetime adventure booking, always make sure that your holiday is safe and with Wild Mountain Adventure, we can proudly gurantee the safety of your holiday with quality tours and service and our operational are 100% done by ourselves without using any third party operations. The company has been independently owned and operated by a group of local experts. For your financial protection the company has been bound with jointly account between Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Bhutan National Bank Ltd (BNBL).

Local Experts & Value

At Wild Mountain Adventure we have a dedicated and professional staff from administration, expert guide, trekking cook, trekking helper, potter and driver with huge commitment, dedication, determination and gargantuan hard, discipline, streamline work and enthusiasm. Beside hard work, commitment, application of local knowledge and performance, Wild Mountain Adventure instill in our staff three major factors like – attitude, loyalty and shouldering responsibility. Our leaders and professional staff are well-trained, possessing immense experience and expertise in the sphere of travel and tourism, and are approved and licensed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan. Our skilled and experience leaders speak fluent English and other languages such as German, French, Chinese and Spanish so to stress that we are absolutely committed to provide every resource necessary not only to meet but also to exceed our client’s expectations. All our leaders and professional staff share great enthusiasm, expressing great joy in introducing you to local charm, people and behind the scenes spots that would never otherwise be explored. Their openness has great interpersonal skills, with their fine sense of humor leads you beyond any reasonable doubt, and portray attractively to our potential clients.

Outstanding Care

From the very moment, you set your foot into this enchanting kingdom until the date you go off with lasting memories and experience, Wild Mountain Adventure is there to help you rediscover Bhutan with every individual visitor who embark on a journey with us, by combining our extensive local knowledge, and high standards of service, we give our guests an unforgettable experience and lasting memories. With loving care our team will be eagerly awaiting your arrival and welcome you with traditional Bhutanese welcoming style. Be confident of all the settings we have done for your trip from logistics, down to the smallest detail, all your Bhutan program have been checked and re-checked and conformed. Our land specialist will be always ready to take care of all your requirement and needs, kindly check their bio – you can discuss and ask any related question regarding your destination of choice and about your day to day program, equipment and other necessities. They are always there to serve you with their max skills and knowledge.

Quality of Service

Wild Mountain Adventure does really offer the ultimate adventure experience in quality and service inclusion so to make your journey a heart-warming and rewarding. We focus on the core activities and not dilute them, thereby, to ensure that we stand out of the crowd to maintain a responsive and flexible approach in providing quality service to our dear customers who venture with us. It is worth of mention that we have achieved satisfaction from every individual visitor  because we have work together close, open relationship to generate trust and confidence with all related network to create and deliver the best service quality which comprises of various factor like – accommodation, meals, transportations, tour & trekking guide, safety measure, insurance policy of our staff and providing flexible and optional itineraries to satisfy the need and interest of our value customers.


In order to reach the individuals goal, need and interest, Wild Mountain Adventure recognized the potential magnitude of our rich environment and cultural impact. Applying the needs and goals in practice, “leave no trash” while travelling/trekking/camping through this exotic destination. Our aim is to help improve the living standard of the area and regions that we travel.

Health & Safety

Once you are off to Bhutan with Wild Mountain Adventure, we look into the safety and health of our clients  as a personal by taking responsible steps to make use of our experience and skills gained for the benefits of our clients. To qualify this statement, we wish to stress that we are absolutely committed to provide every resource necessary to greatly-care for health and safety of our clients and our staff. We give much priority to health and safety by providing hygienic fresh food, first aid kid, and altitude sickness cure. We provide professional and well-trained staff and guide to ensure the safety and health of our clients.

  • Provide Fresh Hygenic food both on trek and in hotels
  • First Aid Kids
  • Well Traineds Team of Experties
  • Monetoring all aspects of government policies & weather affects
  • 24/7 Communication on all trip
  • Inreach GPs Device for tracing your progress during trek

Travelling with Like Minded People

Wild Mountain Adventure, being a leading tour operator has caters travellers from all over the world coming in all shape and size, from different cultures, nations and backgrounds who share the same spirit together. There is no age size as long as our travellers are willing and we welcome them all to join our like minded travellers as long as they are willing to integrate with the group of enthusiastic. The Land of the Thunder Dragon appeals to all type of travellers and with Wild Mountain Adventure, its diversity can be enjoyed by everyone.

Solo Adventure

Let Wild Mountain Adventure take your worry out of planning your Bhutan tour as you travel alone. Over many years, we have catered many solo travellers and had received excellent feedback from every individual who made their life time adventure trip to Bhutan with us. We have never charged as extra payment for culturral tour as other tour operator does for solo travellers like compulsary single supplementary charge for ocoying single room. Our single supplementary is required and applied only for travellers wishing to make a trekking adventure where the expences are much higher.


We share with our guests a passion for travel and adventure and take pleasure in rediscovering Bhutan with every individual visitor who embarks on a journey with us. we play the role of a host and guide introducing you and familiarizing you to Bhutan's charms. By combining our extensive local knowledge and high standards of service, we give our guests an unforgettable experience and lasting memories. We take great care to ensure the that our tours are best value for money in the business. Our friendly and approachable teams with their extensive local knowledge and information reaches to lift your expectation out of the ordinary to satisfy every needs and interest. Wild Mountain Adventure has got well trained and educated staffs like – highly knowledgable guides, well experiences trekking cooks and staffs, equipped porters and trekking gears of high qualities to ensure that our effort adds up to a refreshing adventure away from their home and daily routines. Our high level service and hospitality ensures our happy travellers to further come back through us year after when planning to visit again.

Always with Local Delights

Our every tour and travel packages are designed to allow you to become more local and involve as possible with the local communities as you travel so that to make your trip more interesting. Whether you are staying overnight in a local farm house or going around through farm to farm visit, or you are hery fro trekking. Wild Mountain Adventure tour packages always touch the community or other related activities of the local. We not only take you through the popular tourist sites but what is hidden between them, taking you out-of-the-way through local sights where guidebooks don’t know and where many tourist have missed and never have a chance to see. Our aim is that our travellers have a fully interactive experience and respect local culture and customes.

Our Range of Activities

Wild Mountain Adventure have catered wide range of tour and travel activities throughout the kingdom with many selection of optional packages that fits our travllers from around the world so to give different experience and lasting memories. All our activities includes adventurous spirit and the willingness to participate and have fun. Wild Mountain Adventure cater the requirements of travellers interested in 01. Ancient Cultural Vacations 02. Wildlife Vacations 03. River rafting & kayaking 04. Botanical 05. Trekking Adventure 06. Group Tour 07. Nature Tour 08. Golf Tour 09. Package Tour 10. Wild life Camping Tour 11. Festival Tour 12. Bird Watching Tour 13. Education Tour 14. Eco - Tourism 15. Elderly Specialized Tour 16. Photographic Tour 17. Mountain Biking Tour 18. Volunteer Program 19. Seminars 20. Special Wedding Tour 21. Honeymoon Holidays,  22. Farm House Visit 23. Farm To Farm Tour 24. Yoga Retreat Tour 25. Textile Tour 26. Meditation & Wellbeing Tour 27. Hot Spring Tour

Customized, Tailor-Made Itinerary

If you are not happy or unable to find the perfect tour itinerary on our website or have your own date schedule, you are free to customize your Bhutan tour according to your need and interest. With years of experience in organizing different tour itineraries, we can work together to design a itinerary that fit your fancy, by selecting appealing destination and tailor a tour programme to fit your interest. Travel at your leisure and with Wild Mountain Adventure, you can see what you want at your own pace.

Tour Flexibility

Travel at your leisure; there is no need to rush. Select appealing destination, tour packages, and tailor a tour program to fit your fancy based on the available time schedule you have. We have carefully chosen departure dates that compliment a wide range of our tours to allow you to combine itineraries in various parts of the country if you wish to see much as possible while you are here. Depending upon your interest, if you decided that you would like to stay an extra days or skip some of the selected tour, we make it possible to change your trip schedule. Wild Mountain Adventure tours are designed in the interest and needs of our visitors to let you enjoy. In such occation our tour might improve or amended according to local conditions such as climatic reason and political changes and we might have to look into it in replacing one sight with the other. On the other hand, Wild Mountain Adventure provides great flexibility in meeting individual and group visitors needs and interests. We pay attention to the fundamental aspects and small details of planning a trip and ensure that our efforts add up to a refreshing adventure away from their homes and regular routines.

Adventure Note

Adventure tour featuring trekking is not recommended for children, elder and to those unfit for trekking. Indeed trekking in Bhutan presents characteristics different from those encountered in other regions of the Himalayas. The climate is much windier, damper and colder than Nepal and when bad weather moves in it remains for several days. Moreover, the trekking routes are more narrow and unfit for children and elderly persons.  Travelers wishing to make their culture tour into more adventurous program may sometime use simple forest lodge without private facilities? River rafting in the rivers like Paro, Thimphu, Haa and Bumthang are not operated during the winter and dry months of  January, February, November and December.

Sustainable Travel

Wild Mountain Adventure is committed to sustainable tourism, contributing positive impact on “Mother Earth” to individual, community and environment encounted by us and our travelers. We also help educate the local people to regard conserve the environment that we live in and offset carbon emmission. 


Wild Mountain Adventure will be more than happy to assits and supply you with a list of satisfication references from our previous potential visitors who have ventured to this excotic destination with us. Please kindly email us or call us by going to our contact form for more detain information.