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The Happiest Customers



  • Jussara & Mariam Brazil

    Dear Tandin, greeting from Brazil. We want to thank you for arranging such a beautiful trip for us.

  • Jap Milelin Indonesia

    The Dagala 1000 Lakes trek was wonderful and I really enjoyed. Looking forward to see you all again.

  • Issen Taiwan

    Thanks to all the trekking crew member for arranging everything beautifully while trekking.

  • Amornanth Thailand

    Lovely country, lovely people. Our tour was so nice and we really had good time in Bhutan.

  • Klara Krisit Indonesia

    Bhutan was o my bucket list and I finally made it. Thanks to Wild Mountain Adventure.

  • Khun Pa Thailand

    Thank you Tandin for Bhutan trip. I love Bhutan and I will share about Bhutan with all my friends.

  • Karina Kristi Indonesia

    Everything was perfect from the day I got into Bhutan. Miss you all the support team

  • John United Kingdom

    We truly enjoyed your program and the colorful festival is great. Wish you all a great success