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Bhutan a veritable Paradise for Trekkers

  • Tandin
  • 9 months, 0 days
  • Bhutan Trekking Update

Bhutan located on the southern end of Eastern Himalaya has one of the most rugged mountain terrains in the world with an elevation ranging from 3...

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BHUTAN TREKKING (An endless adventure)

  • Tandin
  • 10 months, 23 days
  • Bhutan Trekking Update

Trekking in Bhutan is a unique experience unlike many of the more crowded trek offered in Asia.  The stunning natural beauty and the relati...

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East Omba Ney Trek

  • Tandin
  • 11 months, 0 days
  • Bhutan Trekking Update

Immerse yourself in the eastern lifestyle and enter the world of green forests with streams and rivers, mountaintop temples, outlying villages wi...

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