Punatshangchu River Rafting 10 Days / 09 Nights

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10 Days / 09 Nights



GRADE : Medium Hard

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If you are looking for enough thrills, crashing through horrendous rapids and monstrous wave leaving you soaked with laughing and screaming - then this is the right trip for you. The crystal clear Punatshangchu is one of the wildest rivers in western Bhutan, which serves as part of our adventure trip. It probably has enough thrills to give you a taste and leave you soaked with currents varying between slow, gentle flows and powerful, raging torrents at some places.  This trip will be an unforgettable experience as you beat one of the biggest rivers in western Bhutan and at the same time you will have the chance to admire the beauty of the stunning landscape, deep valleys and often rewarded with sights and sounds of wildlife including the rarest bird, the white-bellied heron in its natural setting and the kingfisher frolicking on the riverbanks.

Safety Precautions: Rivers of Bhutan flow through steeps and deep valleys with high rapids depending upon the season and locations. It can be of high danger for white-river rafting unless you do not observe the basic safety precautions. Risk in white-river rafting can stem from both environment and from improper behavior.  Our river guides will provide you a 5-10 minute briefing. Consider their safety instruction as they are well acquainted with the river, landscape and the environment.

Responsible Guideline: The Bhutanese people have always treasured their natural environment and have look upon it as “source for all life”. We look into it as personal by taking responsible steps to safeguard this fragile ecological. Therefore, we request you to take action and interest in protecting this natural world by being environmentally responsible travel to nature areas in order to enjoy and appreciate nature.

Travel Insurance: It is mandatory. Wild Mountain Adventure cannot control nor is responsible for unforeseen factors such as natural disaster or any other disaster that might affect the trip. It is essential and mandatory for you to hold adequate comprehensive travel insurance that covers all the activities you intended to undertake whilst on your trip - including health and fitness problem, lost and other related problem that is beyond our control.

Tailor Making: If you are not happy with this tour or unable to find the perfect tour itinerary on our website or have your own date schedule, you are free to customize your Bhutan tour according to your need and interest. With years of experience in organizing different tour itineraries, we can work together to design a itinerary that fit your fancy, by selecting appealing destination and tailor a tour program that fits you.

The Classified International 06 Grade

  • Class I: Basic - Moving water with small rough areas with less obstruction (Basic skill level)
  • Class II: Medium – Little rough water with rapids, with some rocks & irregular waves. Required some maneuvering
  • Class III: Difficult - Several rapids with high irregular waves. Less danger but required considerable maneuvering
  • Class IV: Much Difficult – Numerous rapids, medium waves, rocks, with considerable drop with swift current. Required sharp maneuvering
  • Class V: Exceedingly Difficult: High irregular broken water with large waves, large volume and considerably with large rocks and hazards. Course often difficult to recognize. Required precise maneuvering
  • Class VI: Limit of Navigability – Very danger and are effectively un-navigability. Encounter huge waves, rocks & hazards with sustainable drops. Recommend only for expertise.


On your arrival at Paro International airport, our professional local tour guide and driver will be there to greet you. After short refreshment, drive to Punakha passing through the southern side of the capital Thimphu. Opt for a short break at Dochula Pass that offers a stunning view of the eastern Himalayan mountain ranges. The pass is possibly one of the best in the country and it is unlike any of the pass you will encounter in Bhutan. Apart from the mountain range the magnificent 108 Druk Wangyel Chorten add up to make the top more charming. After the break your drive from this lofty spot takes you downhill taking you through lush green forest, farmland and scattered settlements. If you are here in spring and summer the valley carpets with primulas, magnolia and rhododendron.

In the morning hour drive further north of Punakha carrying picnic lunch and make a pleasant one hour walk up to visit the popular Khamsum Yuelley Namgyel Temple. There is no temple in Bhutan built elaborately as this and is located on a hilltop amidst thick pine forest overlooking the valley below. This fascinating temple offers the best painting in the inner walls of spiritual arts and is the best place for studying the symbolic meaning of frescoes and sculptures. After your picnic lunch prepare for your next adventure. The Mo Chhu River with its source in Gasa flows through deep valleys and is the second wildest and biggest river in Bhutan. You will raft down for 10km course comprising 10 rapids with 2- 2+ rapids with class III-IV.  Your raft starts from Kabji Botokha and ends up below Punakha Dzong.

Today in the morning visit the remarkable Punakha Dzong which once was the old capital of Bhutan. The dzong is inextricably linked to some of the most momentous events in Bhutanese history and is considered one of the most beautiful and significant in the heart of Bhutanese culture. It was the second largest and second oldest dzong built by Zhabdring Ngawang Namgyel in 1637. Following the dzong drive further down to newly founded Khuruthang town for lunch, and after lunch, drive to Wangthangkha for your next hair rising water adventure through Pho Chhu River. It is one of the major rivers in Bhutan with approximately 15km course with about 15 rapids of class II-IV. It is the most popular rafting site in western Bhutan.

Bhutan Government uphold a strategy of “High Value-Low Impact” tourism policy, which serves as the purpose of creating an image of exclusive and high-yield destination among travelers.  Therefore, Wild Mountain Adventure has initiated its tourism policy – to maintain its environment, ecological friendly, preservation of social-cultural and economically viable, prevent from overrun mass tourism and while at the same time to ensure visitors get the most out of their trips. The minimum cost outlined by Wild Mountain Adventure offers the charm of the isolated Himalayan kingdom, which was founded on the principle of sustainability.

Single Individual

Group of 02 Members

Group of 03 Members and Above

One Time Bank Transfer Charges 

USD 45/-

The best and more convenient way to transfer your Bhutan tour payment is to wire through bank transaction.  Wild Mountain Adventure will provide the detail of the bank once you are fully conformed to your trip. We also accept credit cards, visa card or other means of transaction, however these form of transaction creates lots of problem both for clients and us as a company. Therefore, the better way is to wire through bank. Once after the arrival of your tour payment to Bhutan, we will send you the copy of the receipt. Your tour payment will remain with Tourism Council of Bhutan until your trip is over. Make sure a full payment should be made in advance along with your flight cost prior 3/4 months in advance to ensure a smooth planning of your trip. After receiving the payment, we will work out for your tour formalities and sent you the necessary copy of your trip including your visa and conformed flight.

Remember, when you transfer your tour payment to Bhutan other than USD, it is common that there will be a small shortfall on receipt of the payment. So make sure that your bank work out your currency equivalent of USD amount while sending.


Wild Mountain Adventure provides well-trained white river rafting and kayaking guides ensuring the safety of our clients. Importantly most rivers of Bhutan flow through steeps and deep valleys with high rapids depending upon the seasons and locations. Therefore, it can be of a high danger for white river rafting until and unless you do not observe the basic safety precautions. 


The rivers of Bhutan were first graded for white river rafting in the year 1997 by experts from the world at an invitation of Royal Government of Bhutan. Rafting in general in Bhutan has become safer over the years and local expertise in the sport has increased, water sport equipment has become more specialized and increased improvement in quality has been uplifted. 


Our experienced river guides will provide you a 5-10 minute briefing before you venture off for floating. We understand you might be knowing more but we request you to consider their safety instruction because they are well acquainted with the rivers, landscape and the environment. Risk in white river rafting stem from both environmental danger and from improper behaviors. Certain features in rivers are inherently unsafe like – fallen trees, undercut rocks and high waterfall. 


White River Rafting in Bhutan has been increasingly developing like other adventure activities both for local and for tourist alike. As applied to other adventure activities regarding the importance of environment, the Bhutanese people have always treasured their natural environment and have looked for it as source for all life.  Therefore, we encourage our clients that white river rafting balance the use of nature with the conservation of rivers as a natural resource and habitat. 


Wild Mountain Adventure has seen or heard about the environment crises. Therefore, we look into it as personal by taking responsible steps to safeguard the fragile ecological bio-diversity by in cooperating with the municipalities and Tourism Council of Bhutan. We request our river rafting team in taking action and interest of protecting the natural world by being environmentally responsible travel to nature areas in order to enjoy and appreciate nature. 


Wild Mountain Adventure stress to promote a positive white river rafting experience both for visitor and for local people. We take responsible steps in sustaining the well-being of the local people through generating financial benefits.

Travel Insurance - We strongly recommend that you take out a holiday insurance policy. Please ask your travel agent or speak to your own insurance broker.

Please Note - Wild Mountain Adventure cannot guarantee accommodation in a particular hotel and reserves the right to substitute a hotel of similar standard should the situation requires it. In a large city and major towns, the quality of every aspect of Bhutan’s hotels and resorts is up to the highest international standards, but in more remote and adventure destinations, the first class hotels and resorts offering the fullest range of facilities do not always exist.

01 Rate inclusive of all three meals both local and continental healthy cuisine
02 Rate inclusive of all accommodation [three star hotels with double/twin sharing basis]
03 Rate inclusive of air-conditioned tourist standard transportation
04 Rate inclusive of local tour English-speaking licensed guide on all your sightseeing tours
05 Rate inclusive of extensive choices of flexible comprehensive tour itineraries
06 Rate inclusive of Bhutan Government Royalty fees of $ 65 per person per nights
07 Rate inclusive of all entry fees, museum fees and historical attraction fees
08 Rate inclusive of all applicable taxes – BST 10%, Service Charge 10%
09 Rate inclusive of one time visa fee of USD 40
10 Rate inclusive of airport arrival and departure transfer in Bhutan

01 Rate inclusive of support team consists of qualified guide, cook, and a number of assistants
02 Rate inclusive of dinning tent, toilet tent, dome or A-frame sleeping tent (twin-sharing), mattress, fold-able tables & chairs, plates & washing bowl
03 Rate inclusive of basic First Aid kit box
04 Rate inclusive of drinks including local wine

01 Arrival Refreshment
02 One bottle mineral water each a day
03 A small farewell gifts on the day of departure
04 One time cultural program for group exceeding above 7 members
05 One time farewell dinner for group above 7 members at local farmhouse to give an insight into the traditional Bhutanese cuisine

01 Rate does not include incoming & outgoing Bhutan airfares and airport taxes
02 Rate does not include drinks and alcohols and non- alcoholic beverage
03 Rate does not include guides speaking language other than English
04 Rate does not include any service outside Bhutan
05 Rate does not include one time bank transfer charge of USD 45
06 Rate does not include tipping to guide, driver etc.
07 Rate does not include extra expenses or loss due to nature and un-foreseen events beyond the control of our management
08 Rate does not include expenses of personal nature like tipping, laundry, potter, telephone/fax calls, camera/video camera fee at monuments, medical expenses, any insurance etc

Hot Spring Therapy

We see fewer tourists giving value in discovering the natural hot spring, though it is common among the local Bhutanese people. There are numerous hot spring found in Bhutan and has been used by the Bhutanese people for centuries with a belief that water has miraculous healing power and medicinal properties to cure certain diseases, like arthritis, joint pain, and sinus.  Whatever your travel style may be, we will be happy to arrange 1 or 2 night hot spring program in your itinerary to make you experience great outdoor. 

Rafting Down the Untamed Waterways

Put a twist to your Bhutan adventure by adding one or two hours river rafting and kayaking program for your trip in Bhutan. The untamed fast flowing glacier fed rivers of Bhutan truly offers a kind of experience for those seeking adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored water ways of Bhutan. Regardless of your age and experience, beginner or professionally trained, just grab the paddle, get your feet wet with laughing and screaming and raft down the monstrous rivers with horrendous rapid and roaring current in a guided rubber raft. As you raft down the wide, strong and infinitely more challenging rivers, you will be rewarded with breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences. 

Horse Riding (day excursion)

When you are in Bumthang, experience a day excursion on going horse riding in the scenic Tang village. We offer three different options of riding suitable for all skill level with ride duration approximately between 4-5 hours with longer ride suitable for more advanced riders.  The horses are small and has weight limit of 100kgs for the excursion. They are in good condition, obedient, well trained and capable of handling the itinerary planned.  Bridles and bits are appropriate with properly fit saddles similar to what we call English and comfortable for the riders. The trails are well maintained making it easier and enjoyable for the rider to experience and explore the hidden side of the kingdom.

Bhutan Hotel Upgrade

Choices of luxury international boutique and spa hotels are mushrooming across the country. Upgrade your accommodation for your trip in Bhutan. We have vast network of selected and preferred tourist standard hotels and lodges throughout the country. However, you can escape to an oasis where you can just let go and savor every relaxing moment that is unique to a higher level in a luxurious five star boutique hotels. All you do is pick up your choices boutique hotels for upgrade on your Bhutan trip, and it’ll be waiting when you get there.

Deluxe Classic Camping

Bhutan is all about great outdoors. The best way to experience this enchanting kingdom is by staying and spending one or two nights next to the community village, rivers, mountain lakes, imposing glaciers and unspoiled nature. It offers a certain intimacy with the environment that is seldom experienced by many. It is a journey of natural discovery with self-contemplation. The freshness of mountain breeze, the smell of spring flowers, the changing landscape of Himalayas, the sights and sounds of nature, all comes together to make you see the world with new eyes. 

Ride the Kingdom on Two Wheels

For the adventure lovers and keen cyclist, there is no better way to seek adventure in an unspoiled and unexplored environment than on two wheels. While you are here in Bhutan taste a bit of riding the kingdom on bike and unearth an amazing array of personal experience, which is seldom experienced in vehicle. The flat and almost traffic free roads make for excellent outings with some camping through in. For the experienced bikers there are challenging off-road dirt trails that winds through rough terrain. Whether you are into 1-2 days leisurely cultural ride or full biking tour simply select and add the components that is right for you. We have available biking trip to suit different levels of ability and interest. 

Hot Stone Bath

Besides hot spring there are traditional hot stone bath which is of heating up stones and then soaking in the water that is in turn heated by the stones. This creative hot stone bath method has been an important part of Bhutanese family life and traditional medicine for centuries. It is commonly used by Bhutanese people, believing that the heat of the water or the mineral released from the rock and the local herb all come together to producing medicinal benefits or cure certain diseases like joint pains, hypertension, stomach disorders and arthritis. 

A game of Archery

Archery plays a significant role in the everyday life of the Bhutanese people. The game is played differently from the international game and is seen as a way of celebration, social gathering, communication and developing relationship with people. Archery tournament and competitions are held throughout the country amongst the people, departments, and villages and between regional districts and is played during religious and public holidays. It is a love that is shared by all Bhutanese people that has been manifested in the local lore, art, myths, legends and deities. The targets are placed at long distance as 140 meters where archer shoots one pair of arrow each way. 

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