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Bhutan is one of the exotic destination in the Himalayas famed for Butterfly and Moths photo tour. Alongside with other diverse range of wildlife species, Bhutan is also a home to variety  of colorful butterflies. The country boast more than 800 – 900 species of butterflies including common blue Apollo, sibar swordtail, glassy bluebottle, tailed jay, common mormon, common peacock, paris peacock, blue peacock, spangle, red breast, red Helen, Indian cabbage white, large cabbage white, common gull, lesser gull, red spot hezebel, hill jezebel, red base jezebel, yellow coaster, striped tiger, dark blue tiger, green sapphire, blue pansy, red lacewing, blue admiral, painted lady butterflies etc.  There are more than 28 species of butterflies, which are endemic to eastern Himalayas. Among many beautiful butterfly species few such butterfly like ‘Bhutan Glory’ and ‘Kaiser-I-Hind has the international protection from the Conservation on the International Trade in Endangered species (CITES), to which Bhutan s signatory.

Because of its geographical location and the diverse climatic conditions many of the common butterfly species extend over its large oriental regions, while others are limited not just to a range but to a specific habitat. Some butterfly species fly over 5000m and other species prefer adopting the tropical jungles of broad-leaf evergreens, interspersed with fertile terraced cultivations. Depending upon it survival condition, Bhutan presents vast array of habitat for butterflies, from grassland to forest, hot to dry, cool and humid. Butterfly can adopt vastly depending upon its unique geographical positions of the area.

Your journey through Bhutan in search of some of the authentic and beautiful butterfly species will be a live changing memory. Wild Mountain Adventure has lived for years in close contact with its rich wildlife and we can help you explore knowledge base discussion on some of the rare and beautiful species that is available throughout the country. We invite you to explore Bhutan with an itinerary design by you or if you would like to participate in one of our adventure butterfly tour, we invite you to send us a conformation email choosing any of the detail packages available on our website.

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