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Prior to the coronation of the fourth king of Bhutan in 1974, there is no record regarding tourism in Bhutan. Tourism in Bhutan was introduced in the year 1974 during the coronation of His Majesty the fourth king. The coronation year has been marked as the first arrival of tourist as the state guest in order to witness the coronation of the fourth king of Bhutan. Since 1974 until 1991, the government tourist body Bhutan Tourism Corporation look after travel and tourism activities in the country and those tourist travelled between this period are regarded as the state guests. In 1991, Bhutan government made an official decision on privatizing tourism industry in an effort to create opportunity, raise the revenue and to promote the unique culture and tradition has opened its isolated and hidden country to the outside world. Today Travel and Tourism business have become a global phenomenon and without an element of doubt, Bhutan stands out as one of the prime destination in the arenas of travel and tourism internationally. Since then Bhutan, pursue a cautious policy in tourism guided by principles of sustainability - that tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, and culturally acceptable and economically viable. Despite being open to tourist, Bhutan government has always been aware of the environment impact that tourists can have on the country’s unique and virtually unspoiled environment and culture. Since then throughout its tourism history, though there are no large towns and cities, Bhutan government has taken cautious responsibilities in restoring and safeguarding its rich cultural tradition and diverse fragile environment by introducing unique policy of “high value low volume” tourism. The branding policy of restricting tourism in Bhutan is to (1) Preserve the fragile natural environment and the lifestyle of the people without upsetting their socio-economic balance. (2) To recognize the lack of infrastructure and tourist facilities, rugged character of the terrain and problem of lack of communication and internet services.

The government appointed body, Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) acted as overall tourism regulatory body in the country, managing entire responsibility for tourism planning and policy, product development, management, promotion, marketing and branding destination Bhutan. Since 1991, travel and tourism has been in the hands of more than six hundred private Bhutanese agencies; however, they must all follow the rules set down by Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB).

Tourism Infrastructures

Today because of vast number of incoming tourist to Bhutan, the country has good number of hotels, resorts and guesthouse throughout with few internationally acclaimed chain hotels offering all the modern amenities. The hotel number has been outnumbered and accommodation facilities have been improved to a higher level because of competitive business outflow. However, in terms of service provision, one will not be able to distinguish and you will love unbiased hospitality of Bhutan and its people in entire tourism. Hotels with accommodation with bath and / or shower, air-conditioning rooms, with continental, Indian, Local and western food are available in Bhutan according to their category and standard. Foreign Toyota Coaster Buses, SUV and Sedan cars are in abundant and popularly use for the means of tourist transportations. Telecommunication and Internets facilities are easily assessable in all major towns and hotels almost every part of the kingdom.

Bhutan Government uphold a strategy of “High Value, Low Impact” tourism, which serves the purpose of creating an image of exclusive and high- yield destination among travelers. The minimum cost outlined by the government samples the charms of the isolated Himalayan kingdom, which was founded on the principle of sustainability. The government initiated tourism policy is to maintain its environment, ecological friendly, preservation of social-cultural and economically viable, prevent from overrun mass tourism and while at the same time to ensure visitors get the most out of their trips. In addition, tourism has become a global phenomenon and it helps in developing the socioeconomic of a developing country like Bhutan.

Tour Price

The minimum tour tariff for Bhutan

Peak Season:(March, April, May, September, October and November)

USD 250: Per Person per Night

Off Season:(January, February, June, July, August and December

USD 200: Per Person per Night

Usually, Wild Mountain Adventure’s package valid for group above three members. For one person and two people traveling alone will be liable with surcharges as detailed below:

Single Entry: USD 40 per night

Group of 02 members: USD 30 per person per night

Bank Transfer Charge:USD 40

Single Supplementary: USD 30

The quoted Bhutan tour price includes accommodation in minimum three star hotels, meals, transportation, service charge, government taxes of $ 65 per person per night, tours, tour executive etc., as outlined in each tour description. Your Bhutan tour price is based on minimum participation of three members in a group. For one person or two people travelling or two people travelling together is liable for surcharges as detailed in the price list above.

Your Everyday Package Benefits

  • All three meals
  • All accommodation in government recognized three star hotels with double/twin sharing basis
  • Air-conditioned tourist standard transportation throughout the tour beginning from the pick-up point to the departure point with minimum 10 years experienced driver. 
  • Local tour English-speaking licensed guide on all your sightseeing tours
  • Guide speaking other language are available at extra cost
  • Extensive choices of flexible comprehensive tour itineraries
  • All entry fees, museum fees and historical attraction fees
  • All service charge and taxes inside Bhutan
  • One bottle mineral water each a day

Complementary Program

  • Arrival refreshment
  • A small farewell gifts on the day of departure
  • One time cultural program for group exceeding above 7 members
  • One time farewell dinner at the local farmhouse to give an insight into the traditional Bhutanese cuisine.

Your Everyday Package Does Not Include

  • Drinks
  • Airfares and Airport Taxes
  • One time visa fee of USD 40
  • One time bank transaction charges of USD 40
  • Expenses of personal nature like tipping, laundry, Potter, telephone/fax calls, alcoholic/non- alcoholic beverages, camera/video camera fee at monuments, medical expenses, any insurance etc.
  • Extra expenses or loss due to nature and un-foreseen events beyond the control of our management
  • Any service outside Bhutan


Your Bhutan tour payment must be wire through bank transaction through Tourism Council of Bhutan. Wild Mountain Adventure will provide the detail of the bank once you fully conformed your Bhutan tour from our choices tour detail. Kindly keep in mind that other than routing your tour payment to Bhutan via bank transfer, we do not accept credit cards, visa card or other means of transaction, because your tour payment has to be routed through government’s account and it is not paid directly to Wild Mountain Adventure or our account. Your money will remain with the Tourism Council of Bhutan until your trip is complete. Only after you have completed your holiday will the money be transferred to Wild Mountain Adventure. Your full payment should be made in advance along with your flight ticket payment (only if you want us to book your incoming & outgoing flights), prior before 3-4 months before your fixed travel date to ensure a smooth planning of your trip. Once after receiving the notice from the bank regarding your arrival tour payment, we will work out your tour formalities and sent you the scanned copy of your tour payment receipt.

Remember, when you transfer your tour payment to Bhutan other than USD, it is common that there will be a small shortfall on receipt of the payment. So make sure that your bank work out your currency equivalent of USD amount while sending.

All International tourists wishing to enter Bhutan must require obtaining visa clearance prior to travel. It must be pre-arranged through a license Bhutanese Tour Operator like Wild Mountain Adventure through an online system.

There are several types of Bhutan visa, depending on the purpose.

Transit Visa (type A & B)

Short Term Visa (type C)

The most common visa to Bhutan is Short Term (type C), which is used by all business travelers and tourist alike. Your Bhutan visa is issued by the Department of Immigration through the local Bhutanese Tour Operator accredited with Tourism Council of Bhutan. Travelers need to wire the full tour payment via bank transfer to the jointly account of Wild Mountain Adventure and Tourism Council of Bhutan, and after receiving the full payment the local tour operator like Wild Mountain Adventure will apply your Bhutan visa. Bhutan does not encourage or issue visa for backpackers. Movement in the country beyond the set program developed by Wild Mountain Adventure and unaccompanied tour guide is strictly prohibited.

To obtain your Bhutan visa need to send the clear scanned copy of the photo page of your passport to Wild Mountain Adventure, who will then apply for a visa. Make sure your passport should be minimum of six months validity. As mentioned above the visa will be formalized only after the full tour payment of your stay including the visa fee of $ 40 is made to our account. Your tour payment will go directly to the government account and it is all the way safe. The process of visa takes more than 72 working hours.

At the point of entry to Bhutan, you need to provide the copy of your Bhutan visa, which, we will send you prior your travel and after which it will bear the special stamp in your passport.

Document required for visa permission

  • Original clear scanned copy of the photo page of your passport
  • Visa Validity minimum six months
  • Conformed ticket of both incoming and outgoing flight
  • Conformation of the hotel in Bhutan
  • Conformed Itinerary
  • Statement from the bank. A copy of the bank statement showing proof of sufficient funds.
  • Visa Fees, of $ 40

Indian, Maldivian and Bangladeshi nations can obtain visa at the port of entry on producing a valid document or passport. Indian nation can also produce their Voter Identity Card)

Elderly Discount

Wild Mountain Adventure will further assures 10% discount from the daily tour tariff of USD 250 (Peak Season) and 08% from the daily tour tariff of USD 200 (Off Season). There is no discount from the surcharges, which is liable for 1-2 people.

Discount For Children Above 5-12 Years

Wild Mountain Adventure generally granted reduction of 50% from the daily tariff for children between the age of 5-12 provided that he/she is accompanied by at list two full- paying adults and stay in the same room.

Child Below 5 Years

Wild Mountain Adventure does not ensure any tour charge for a child below 4 Years.

Student Discount

Wild Mountain Adventure have set 25% discount from the daily tariff of USD 250 (Peak Season) for a full time student and 20% discount from the daily tariff of USD 200(Off Season). The student discount will be applied only if the student produced a valid document and ID from their academic institution.

Deposit/ Cancellation/No-Show

Once you finally conformed your Bhutan Tour, a deposit of 100% payment is required at the time when tour reservation is made. This deposit is fully refundable if the tour arrangement is cancelled up to 45 days before the date of departure. If such cancellation is made less than 45 days before the travel date of the tour, your deposit will be fortified. There is no refund in full or a part, will be given for unutilized services like advance payment that we usually do to secure good hotel rooms and comfortable and good conditioned transportations.

Please remember that there are certain policies and conditions in Bhutan regarding the reservation of your Bhutan tour and therefore, it is hard to cancel your Bhutan tour program prior after the total days mentioned above. 

Trip Extension

Your Bhutan tour extension can be made with available out going flight seat along with an extra daily tour tariff cost and visa fee. We will notify you the daily extension stay cost.